April 3rd 2008


April 1st 2008

-Finish notes on asexual reproduction
-Human Assisted Cloning
-Video on Cloning

March 31st 2008

-Microscope parts and functions
-Notes on Asexual Reproduction
-Test on Friday on Cells and The Cell Cycle

March 28th 2008

-Introduction to Microscopes
-Onion Root Cell Lab
-Here is the class data for the lab

March 27th 2008

-Review Homework
-WS on Mitosis
-Cell Growth and Cancer
-Mitosis Flip Book

March 26th 2008

-Review the Mutation WS
-The Cell Cycle
-Videos on DNA replication & The Cell Cycle

March 14th 2008

-Mutations Worksheet

March 13th 2008

-Review of Protein Synthesis

March 12th 2008

-DNA structure
-Making RNA
-Protein Synthesis

March 11th 2008

-Mark Chemistry Unit Test
-Create DNA Model

March 10th 2008

-The Nucleus

March 7th 2008

-Cell Diagrams
-Bill Nye
-Cell Quiz on Monday

March 6th 2008

-Jello Cells

March 5th 2008

-Unit Test on Chemistry
-Word search and Vocabulary

March 4th 2008


March 3rd 2008

-Home Work Check
-Physical and Chemical Changes

February 28th 2008
-Quiz on naming and writing formulas
-Review on naming polyatomic ions and writing their formulas
-Lab on creating compounds

February 27th 2008

-Naming compounds
-Writing formulas for compounds
-Naming compounds with multivalent compounds
-Writing formulas for compounds that have multivalent metals
-*Quiz tomorrow on naming and writing formulas*

February 26th 2008

-Review HW
-Notes on Formulas, Polyatomic Ions, and Multivalent Metals
-There will be a quiz on naming writing formulas on Thursday

February 21st 2008

-Quiz on Elements 21-30
-Notes on Bohr Diagrams and Ions

February 18th 2008

-Metals, Non-metals and Metalloids
-Periods and Families

February 14th 2008

-Structure of the atom reviewed
-The periodic table
-Who started it
-How it was organized
-What information can be found on the table