If you have any cool science questions or know of any sites or articles that you think are interesting post them here.

Rules for posting your thoughts, opinions, suggestions, feelings and reflections

Its mostly rules for your safety. But I would also like us to create some guidelines for all of us to adhere to such as language, respect, professionalism and appropriate comments.
Please feel free to share your “Golden Rules”.
This is a shared space to chat, share ideas, and get to know what others are doing in BOTH classes.
There are some basic rules for using this forum, our class dialogues, and all personal blogs in this learning community.
The school beliefs apply to this forum and all personal blogs.
1.Respect- We are polite, kind and appropriate at all times. Remember that many students and Mr. Cameron will view your comments.
2. Inclusion- Anyone is welcome to comment or join a discussion as long as they are respectful.
3a. Learning (in this forum)- You can have fun in this space, but if others are having a learning conversation either add to it positively or make your comments in a new post.
3b. Learning (in class dialogues and blogs)- These are places to reflect and learn. You are encouraged to: Ask questions; Answer questions; Share your learning; Synthesize ideas; Plan projects or assignments, and Reflect on the process of learning.
4. Safety- DO NOT REVEAL ANY PERSONAL DETAILS, either on the profile page, or in any posts. Never use any students’ last names. Usernames will be your first name followed by something science related i.e. Bobby Bones or Jane Jellyfish.