March 11th 2008

1) Watch and take notes of your assigned video (Found in the daily summary section)

March 10th 2008

1) Lab Report on Bacterial Growth
2) Crosswords on Bacteria and Viruses

March 7th 2008

1) Lab report on bacterial shapes

February 29th 2008

1) Complete lytic cycle activity
2) Complete worksheet on viruses

February 28th 2008

1) Vocabulary on viruses

February 27th 2008

1) Think about bullying in our school and what you can do to prevent it

February 21st 2008

1) Notes on DNA
2) Respond to my question in the class discussion section

February 20th 2008

February 19th 2008

1) Quest on microscopes tomorrow
2) Key for Microscope WS

February 18th 2008

1) Relax!
2) Come to class ready to participate in discussions

February 14th 2008

1) Finish Vocab sheet
2) Sign up for wikispace account if you have not done so
-Click on sign up in the upper right corner
-Follow instructions for creating an account (user name should be your first name plus a science word)
-Go to
-Click on join space at the top of the left side
-Mr Cameron will approve you
-If you have any problems send me an email

February 13th 2008
1)Characteristics of a light microscope
Part 1) complete the diagram of the light microscope. Include parts and functions
Part 2) Fill in the blanks
Part 3) What happened when you moved the slide left or right?
What did you change when you changed objectives?
Part 5) Complete table
Part 6) What does depth of field mean?
Part 7) Make a drawing of what you saw when you looked at the onion cell
2) *Dichotomous Key Assignment is due on Thursday*

February 12th 2008
1) WS on estimating size and unit conversion
2) Dichotomous Key Assignment (Due Feb 14th)

February 11th 2008
Notes sheet
Dichotomous Key Assingment

February 8th 2008
1) Notes sheet
2) Beasties WS
3) Taxonomy WS

February 7th 2008

1) Taxonomy Worksheet
2) Create a wiki account if you have not done so

February 6th 2008

1) Complete questions and graph for the mosquito lab
2) Create a wikispaces account and reply to my post on the class discussion page, Cutting and pasting my statement is fine as long as you agree to the rules.

Instructions for creating a wiki account
1) Click on sign up at the top of the page
2) Follow instructions on this page - remember to create a user name that uses your first name and a science word
3) Go to and join this space
4) Mr Cameron will approve your request as soon as possible