March 31st 2008

-Microbiology Jeopardy

March 30th 2008

-Helpful and harmful relationships of protists

March 28th 2008

-Live Protist Lab

March 27th 2008

-Plant-like Protists
-Looking at prepared slides of Euglena and Vorticella

March 26th 2008

-Animal-like Protists
-Looking at prepared slides of animal like protists

March 13th 2008

-Introduction to Protists

March 12th 2008

-Notes on the immune system
-Bill Nye videos on bacterial resistance

March 11th 2008

-Bactreria & Virus Crossword Review
-Notes on Uses of Bacteria
-Video on use of Bacteria as an energy source
Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

March 10th 2008

-Bacterial Culture Lab
-Notes on Bacterial Reproduction

March 7th 2008

-Bacterial Shape Lab

March 5th 2008

-Bacteria Introduction

March 4th 2008

-Virus Assignment Due Friday March 14th

March 3rd 2008

-Notes of the immune system

February 29th 2008

-Notes on Lytic cycle and Lysogenic cycle
-Cut and paste lytic cycle

February 28th 2008

-What are characteristics of living organisms?
-What is a virus?
-Structure of a virus
-Outbreaks, Epidemics, and Pandemics

February 27th 2008

-Unit Test on Evolution

February 26th 2008
Unit Test on Evolution Tomorrow
-Video of mating habits of animals
-Jeopardy game to review evolution

February 21st 2008
-Notes on DNA and Mutations
-DNA Activity --> a single change in a base pair is enough to change the protein that is coded for by the DNA, Most mutations are negative or neutral some may be beneficial
-Evolution Review: Reviewing Darwin & Lamarck, Types of evidence, punctuated equilibrium, and gradualism

February 20th 2008

February 19th 2008

-Microscope Quest Tomorrow
  • Parts and Functions (you will be given a diagram of a microscope and asked to label the parts a give their functions
  • Depth of Field
  • Field of View (Size of the field of view at different powers, estimate the size of an object in the field of view)
  • Conversions
  • Techniques for preparing a wet mount and for staining
  • General use of the microscope ex. If the object you are looking at is too dark what can you do?

February 18th 2008

-Jean Baptiste de Lamarck
-Direct and Indirect evidence of evolution

February 14th 2008

-What is evolution --> think pair share
-Video on Charles Darwin
-Notes on Charles Darwin
-Bill Nye Video

February 13th 2008

-Review quiz
-Demonstration on microscope techniques
-Microscope lab

Check out the article that I posted in the class discussion.

February 12th 2008

-Quiz on taxonomy
-Microscope parts (there is a video if you want extra review)
-Unit conversions and Estimating size

February 11th 2008

-Describing objects. Remember to ensure that you are describing objects in ways that are not contextual or with characteristics that change
-Dichotomous Keys
-Dichotomous Key Assignment - due Thursday February 14th. Don't forget to check the marking key to ensure that you have included everything
*QUIZ TOMORROW* Taxonomy, naming, and dichotomous keys will be covered - check out the classification rap to review the 7 taxons

February 8th 2008

-What makes a good classification system?
-Notes on taxonomy notes sheet can be found in the homework and worksheets section
-WS on taxonomy and dichotomous key
-Amazing 80's video of classification titled "Classification Rap" in the video section

February 7th 2008

-Reviewed scientific method worksheet
-Fields of science scavenger hunt

February 6th 2008

Q/D: Is a car living? Present both sides of this argument
What is a variable?
-Notes on graphs (I will try to get these scanned and posted soon)
-Mosquito Lab (I will scan this and post it in the homework and worksheets section)
-Mr Cameron's Wikispace, you are here so I will assume that you got this part
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